We understand that once an organization decides to look for a hosting solution there are a lot of options.  It can be confusing.  With over 40 years experience working in the information technology industry, the founders of eMobileCampus have chosen to blend the highest quality infrastructure components and their experience with the most personal service in the industry today. Our customers dedicate a significant portion of their IT budget with us and they deserve personal attention.  Our customers know their data is safe and their staff is productive.

We give your infrastructure the attention you would and maybe even a little bit better.  We welcome any opportunity to make sure your systems are running optimally. We enjoy people and we enjoy bringing sound IT practices to them.  eMobileCampus gives us the opportunity to leverage our years of experience and see it pay off for our clients.

Of our 40 years experience,  25+ have been spent in Fortune 500 companies managing and maintaining technologies in data centers throughout the U.S.  Along the way, we’ve appreciated the people who’ve taken time out of their day and shown interest in our projects.  This is why we try to treat others this same way.  It makes a difference!  Our customers become partners very soon after they sign on with eMobileCampus.

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